Peer Reviewed Articles

Decomposing crude price differentials: Domestic shipping constraint or the crude oil export ban? With Mark Agerton. The Energy Journal 40 (3) 155-172. download / link

Local labor market shocks and residential mortgage payments: Evidence from shale oil and gas booms. With Meagan McCollum. Resource and Energy Economics 53 (2018) 162-197. download / link

Funding renewable energy: An analysis of renewable portfolio standards. With Brian F. Snyder. Energy Economics 66 (2017) 205-216. download / link

Asymmetric effects of housing wealth on college enrollment. With Meagan N. McCollum. Applied Economics Letters. April 2017. p. 1-5. download / link

The effect of merit-based scholarships on education outcomes. An analysis of the Arizona AIMS scholarship. Journal of Labor Research 37 (2016) 235-261. download / link

Renewable energy potential and renewable portfolio standard adoption. With Brian F. Snyder. Utilities Policy 36 (2015) 67-70. download / link

Economies of scale, learning effects and offshore wind development costs. With David E. Dismukes. Renewable Energy 83 (2015) 61-66. download / link

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Integration of Behind-the-Meter Solar into Distribution Feeders: The Importance of Time Resolution on Model Results. With Farzad Ferdowsi and Shahab Mehraeen. 2019 IEEE Green Technologies Conference. April 2019.

Economic and Policy Issues in Sustaining an Adequate Oil Spill Contingency Fund in the Aftermath of a Catastrophic Incident. With David E. Dismukes and Stephen R. Barnes. Proceedings of the Thirty-seventh AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response. June 2014. download

White Papers

The Future of Solar in Louisiana. An Analysis of the Technical and Economic Implications of Solar P.V. Growth on Louisiana's Economy and Electric Grid (2019). With Farzad Ferdowsi, Amin Kargarian, Shahab Mehraeen. LSU Center for Energy Studies and Economics & Policy Research Group. link

Mineral Revenues in Louisiana: Status Report Submitted to Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs and House Committee on Ways and Means of the Louisiana Legislature (2019). With Dr. James A. Richardson. link

Gulf Coast Energy Outlook (2019). With David E. Dismukes and Dek Terrell. LSU Center for Energy Studies and Economics & Policy Research Group. download

Gulf Coast Energy Outlook. LSU Center for Energy Studies and Economics & Policy Research Group. With Christopher K. Coombs, David E. Dismukes, and Dek Terrell. June 2017. download / addendum

Oil Prices and the Louisiana Budget Crisis: Culprit or Scapegoat? An Analysis of the Implications of the Oil Price Drop on the Louisiana Budget. LSU Center for Energy Studies. October, 2016. download

Crude Oil Exports and the Louisiana Economy. A discussion of U.S. policy of restricting crude oil exports and its implications for Louisiana. LSU Center for Energy Studies. November, 2015. download

Trade Journal Articles

Pipeline Constraints, Not Export Ban, Cause Big Price Differentials. Pipeline & Gas Journal. August 2019. download

Can Rooftop Solar Survive Declining Subsidies? A Case Study in Louisiana. Public Utilities Fortnightly. April 2019. download

Jobs, Electricity Prices, and Renewable Energy Policies. Costs versus Benefits. Public Utilities Fortnightly. September 2017. download / link

The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Renewable Portfolio Standards. IAEE Energy Forum. Antalya Special Issue 2015. With Brian F. Snyder. download

Chapters in Books

“Mineral Revenues”. Chapter in Exploring Long-Term Solutions for Louisiana’s Tax System. James A. Richardson, Steven M. Sheffrin, and James Alm. Purchase on Amazon.

Funded Research

Co-Principal Investigator. “Economic and Policy Analysis of Pipeline Development in Louisiana.” EnLink Midstream Operating, LP. September 2018 to December 2018. $30,370.

Subcontractor. “Estimating the Fiscal Spending Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas Activity”. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). September 2017 to September 2020. $9,750.

Co-Principal Investigator. “Economic and Policy Analysis of Pipeline Development in Louisiana”. September to December 2017. $30,000.

Co-Principal Investigator. “Potential economic impacts of the Bayou Bridge pipeline”. Energy Transfer. January to February 2017. $20,000.

Principal Investigator. “Integrating Storage into Rooftop Solar: An Economics and Engineering Approach”. Louisiana Board of Regent’s Industrial Ties Research Subprogram (ITRS). June 2016 to May 2018. $123,562.

Co-Principal Investigator. “Update to BOEM GOM Factbook”. With David E. Dismukes and Mallory Vachon. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (“BOEM”). September 2016 to August 2018. $128,431.

Other Non-Peer Reviewed Research

The potential economic impacts of the Washington Parish Energy Center. (2017). With David E. Dismukes. Report prepared on behalf of Calpine Corporation.

Economic Impact and Re-employment Assessment of PES Philadelphia Refining Complex. With David E. Dismukes. Prepared on Behalf of Philadelphia Energy Solutions. August 2017. download

Potential Economic Impacts of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. With David E. Dismukes. Prepared on behalf of Energy Transfer. February 2017. (Submitted as testimony at Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal Zone Permit Public Hearing-February 8, 2017). download

Guest Columns

"LSU energy analyst: Trump trade war could bring big economic pain to Louisiana. The Advocate. Baton Rouge, LA. June 23, 2019. link

Is Louisiana still an oil and gas state? Baton Rouge Business Report. Baton Rouge, LA. May 7, 2019. download

A Tale of Two States in the Era of Shale. The Advocate. Baton Rouge, LA. The New Orleans Advocate. New Orleans, LA. The Acadiana Advocate. Lafayette, LA. August 22, 2017. link

Gulf Coast Energy Outlook with DI Prodcast. Drilling Info Blog. July 20, 2017. link

Economic Implications of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The Advertiser. Lafayette, LA. February 16, 2017. link

Protestors interfere with local discussion. Houma Today. Terrebonne Parish, LA. . February 11, 2017. link

Was the Stelly Plan really revenue neutral? Baton Rouge Business Report. Baton Rouge, LA. June 7-June 20, 2016. download

Voices: We must shift the discussion on lifting oil export ban. The Advertiser. Lafayette, LA. December 8, 2015. link

Works in Progress

Local Labor Market Shocks and Employment and Earnings Differentials: Evidence from Shale Oil and Gas Booms. With Han Yu. USAEE Working Paper. download

Energy Endowments and Economic Growth. With Matthew E. Oliver. USAEE Working Paper. download

Firm Dynamics and Local Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Shale Oil and Gas Boom. With Ryan Decker and Meagan McCollum. download

Economies of Scale, Learning Effects and Offshore Wind Development Costs: An Updated Analysis. With David E. Dismukes. Under Review.

A Global Comparison of Country Level Wind and Solar Potential. With Siddhartha Narra. Under Review.

An Analysis of the Impact of Renewable Portfolio Standards and Feed-In-Tariffs on International Markets.